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We have a checklist of 60 points which are essentials for SEO and lead generation for websites. Just having a website is not enough. If your site visitors are only those, who got to know about the website by your mouth, business card or brochure. It means your site is not performing well and you are not getting the return of the amount invested on the website.

A website acts as a marketing machine for any business which works on all hours a day even all days of a year in autopilot mode. Doesn’t matter your business runs in a day or night shift this virtual counter will remain open to inform your customers about your products & services you offer.


The boost package includes:

  • SEM– Search engine marketing is generally categorized in two section
    • Search Network Advertisement- This approach shows your text ads in top 5 positions on search engine result page. It is also known as the fastest lead generation process. In Google AdWords, the bid amount is suggested by the Google on which consumer or user has to decide what maximum amount bid he can offer. The campaign planned by the Google AdWords expert always gives the best ROI. The cost per click also reduces gradually. Many times it has been observed the cost per click reduces to 40% in a very small span of time.
    • Display Network Advertisement- In DNA, graphical ads are shown on Google display network channel partners. These types of ads are more effective, as the engagement rate is always on the higher side in graphical content. For example videos ads on YouTube.
    • Shopping Ads- It is also known as the products ads. These ads are generally shown on top right of search engine result page. As the ads are only shown on the search of relative keywords the conversion rate is very high.
  • Social Media Marketing- We provides your website exposure on various social platforms. In today’s times, people connectivity has the major role to play for business growth. Maintaining core-dial relationships with the customers can be achieved only by advertising your product on social platforms like facebook, twitter, and Instagram.
  • Guest Post- As the name suggests, in guest posting we post your products and services to other blogs as a guest. In other words, we try to influence the audience of the blog and try to maximize the conversion of your products and services.
  • Business Listing- To improve your brand presence we list your business on relevant listing platforms. Due to the busy lifestyle, most of the people made searches on these types of platforms in comparison to the search engines. The benefits of searching on these platforms are time-saving, upfront display of all the services, reviews & ratings by other users etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing- We have many bloggers and YouTubers associated with us who are having a high volume of traffic on their blogs and YouTube channel. So can give you the assurance of boost in your sale from day one. Affiliate marketing is the preferred approach for instant sale or a high volume of traffic on the website.


Still Confused about the analytics?

No Need to worry about the website visitor tracking. We at Bit Binders are masters in tracking the footprints of every website visitors. No matter from which source or channel he is coming from, the time any visitor fly to the website a tag is placed at him thereafter we follow him at every click like his or her shadow.

At Bit Binders, the team consists of almost all the well-known technology specialists on board. So it doesn’t matter to us whichever technology your website is developed with, we will manage it.

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