We Bet You Don’t Know The Reason Why Keyboard’s ‘F’ And ‘J’ Keys Have Raised Ridges !!!

Did you ever look at the keyboard and thought why ‘J’ and ‘F’ keys have raised bumps on them?

Sometimes, the same is seen in case of ‘5’ key too. Don’t worry, it is not any kind of production defect, but in fact this is by design.


It is basically for ease of use!

For using this keyboard with ease, the keys have ridges, so that speed typing is possible, without having a look at the keyboard. These ridges help in positioning the fingers. They enable you to have a correct typing position and since the ridges are there on these 2 keys, the index fingers are placed on them.

Know the positioning

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If the left index finger is positioned on the ‘F’ Key and if the right index finger is positioned on ‘J’ key, then other 3 fingers of left hand can rest on ‘A’, ‘S’ and ‘D’ and others can rest on ‘colon key’, ‘L’ and ‘K’. Both the thumbs must rest on space bar.

These improvements came in after June E Botich filed a patent in the year 2002. After this, all the keyboards came in with the same arrangement.

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