How To Find Out What Google Knows About You?

How To Find Out What Google Knows About You?

If you use any Google services, such as Maps, Google Earth, Gmail, search, or YouTube, you’re sharing your information to help Google match you with its advertisers. That’s right, all of those free services aren’t really free. You pay for them by sharing data about yourself with Google, unless you opt out.


Sharing your information doesn’t just help Google, it can also help you. Google uses your information to generate search results that have been filtered according to your interests. There are ways for you to search anonymously but you may not find the results to be as helpful as those tailored to your interests according to Google.

How Google Learns About and Uses Your Interests?

When you search on Google, get directions from Google Maps, and watch YouTube videos, Google learns more about you. Google uses the information it learns about you to match you with advertisers who want to reach people with your interests.
You may feel that if you’re going to see targeted ads from Google you may as well have them be geared towards your interests. But if you would prefer ads that are not targeted to your interests you can opt out.

How to Check Your Google History?

Google learns about your interests through your history of using search, Google Maps and YouTube. Checking your Google history requires some light digging into the depths of Google, but may reveal a treasure trove of interesting information about you!

Follow these steps:

1) Go to

2) Log into your Google account if you’re not already logged in.

3) Click Account History in the top menu. You’ll be taken to a page where you can review your history with Google.


You can click on any square to learn:

  • Your Search History
  • Places You’ve Been
  • Your YouTube Searches
  • Videos You’ve Watched on YouTube

You may find this to be a handy resource if you want to go back and find a website you visited or video you watched on YouTube.

Search History

Search History shows you the search terms you used and which web pages you visited from the search results. You can refine this information by using the filters on the left sidebar of the page to see which searches you did for news, images, travel, shopping, etc.
You can remove items from your search history by clicking on the check box next to a search term and then
clicking the Remove Items button.